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"I travel 45 minutes to Vince, because I have tried multiple chiropractors and there is no comparison to coventry chiropractic. Vince gives you the time, its not a 10 minute visit like most chiropractors. Make an appointment and see for yourself, you will be going back. Take care of your back, you have it the rest of your life!"

"Best Chiropractic Care Ever!! Very friendly staff. The care and treatment is exceptional. Above and beyond all expectations. I am very grateful and how quickly I am feeling better. Thank you Dr. Vince."

"I highly recommend Dr. Vince G, you will not find the same services at other chiropractic offices. Vince gives you the time and attention, every visit. You will find that there is just no comparison to other chiropractors."

"Doctor Vince was outstanding with his explanations and practices. Hollie is amazing at what she does. This place rocks!"

"Great atmosphere and very friendly staff. Dr. Vince is awesome. He is not the Chiropractor that claims he can fix everything with an adjustment. He has a practical approach to your health care needs. He believes patients have a vital role in their recovery or pain free care with his help. I highly recommend Dr, Vince and his staff!"

"Thank you Coventry Chiropractic for fixing my neck and back pain! Everyone was so nice and I would definitely recommend my friends to go there! Thank you Dr. Vincent and team!"

- Tina Kratz

Dr. Vince is a legend and so much more than a chiropractor. I've never believed in chiropractic. The origins are fuzzy to me and most of them come off like snake oil salesmen— forcing the body to crack and making people come back week after week to alleviate the pain. Nonsense. Vince is nothing like that. He uses stim pad therapy, ultrasound massage therapy, then full body stretches/massages/adjustments based on where the real tension in your muscles or joints is. He doesn't rush you in and out. He spends ample time on each patient getting them what they need and offering sound advice based on an expertise in traditional physical therapy, as well as more nuanced and experimental methodology. He's a great guy and has a great team of people. I go once a year or so when my tech neck or back gets really bad and he gets me in shape like nothing else. I tell everyone about the magic of Coventry Chiropractic. Experience it for yourself!

- Nathan Allebach

If you have a back or sports injury Dr. Vince Gelezinsky is a LEGEND! He fixed me after my back surgery. He got me back to playing ice hockey in my 40's. He is a life saver. Other Chiro's will see you for 5 minutes and send you on your way. Dr. Vince and his team will spend quality time with you and actually listen to your issues. I see him twice a week for 90 minute treatments. Stim pads, deep tissue massage and then a complete stretching and adjustment. He then has complete lists of exercises and PT to get my core strong. He really changed my life. All Chiro's should be like him.

- Bob Catalano

"Dr Vince was my last hope before surgery. I met him inside Club Genesis where he once had a practice. I was only there to cancel my gym membership when in passing he spoke to me about what was happening. I was regretfully rather disrespectful because I had already seen 2 or 3 other chiropractors with no relief. How could he do any better I thought. He was the only Dr. to suggest it might be soft tissue damage and perhaps he could heal me with deep muscle massage. I thought to myself, if that's the case, why didn't the neurologist or experts at the University of Penn tell me that. Ill never forget what he said. He said a surgeon makes money performing surgery. I dont know why I said Ill give you a try but that's what I did and less than 3 weeks later, I was completely healed. This was after walking ( I use that word lightly because I was barely walking.) around contorted for 6 months in constant pain. I couldnt believe it. I was scheduled to go under the knife and all it took was some deep muscle massage (very painful by the way) and it was healed. It was literally a miracle in my eyes. So, if you are wondering if you should visit him for your problems, I can tell you first hand he is pretty good at handing out miracles. I wont go anywhere else...EVER!?PS..A few years later I was in need of another miracle and once again, Dr. Vince delivered. I consider him a good friend but an Amazing doctor"

- Troy Godshall

"Dr. Vince has been treating my daughter off and on since she was 8 years old. Each time he helps her tremendously until she gets another sports injury"

- Ashley Haag Custer

"Seeing Doc Vince for my shoulder and back issues was the best choice I had at the time and am thoroughly satisfied with the results. Feeling pretty good for the time being.Thanks Doc!"

- Tony Shay

"Super friendly staff that is very knowledgeable. Dr. Vince has helped me through many sports injuries through the years."

- Ryan Fertsch

"Coventry Chiropractic is the best around. I would not go any place else!! I have been to many different chiropractors in the past and with true honesty, Dr. Vince is the best! Dr. Vince has helped me and my family for years. He knows how the body works and has gotten me back on me feet and feeling 100% after some of my injuries in the past. He and his staff are all very professional, caring and first class all the way!"

- Aaron J. Hendricks

"Dr. Vince is skillful, kind and caring I recommend him and his excellent staff to all my friends"

- Janet Cutts

"My husband and I have been going to Vince for years. He is amazing and has helped me with many health issues. I love the advice he offers:) The girls are awesome and the office as a whole is like a second family to us as we’ve been with them so long!"

- Sharee Tongue

"Dr. Vince is a wellspring of knowledge and an expert in healing. He is not only the best chiropractor I've been to but he also truly cares about his patients. As an allied health care practitioner myself, I've confidently referred numerous patients his way and always get fantastic feedback after their appointments with him."

- Heidi Garis

"Great practice."

- Lucretia Juliana Joyce

"Vince does things differently than all of the other chiropractors I've been to over the years. He takes the time to stretch out your entire body before making adjustments. He's not the typical doctor who focuses on maximizing the number of patients in an hour by only spending a few minutes on each one. He also offers electrical stimulation."

- John Zeiger

"Dr. Vince is very knowledgable, not only on his area but also on anything related to the body and wellness. Since I've been with him I have followed his recommendations and I have experienced feeling good on many levels. He is very attentive with all his patients and takes his time. Dr. Vince has also attended to my children and their sports induced injuries and complaints. We will keep seeing him as long as we need it to maintain our wellness. Thanks Dr. Vince!"

- Gloria Garait

"Dr Vince has true care, concern and compassion for all of his patients. Coventry Chiropractic has many ways to help with a variety of back and heath needs holistically. Dr.Vince's true potential and growth is now happening in his new updated space. If you havent checked it out stop by n say hi. Remember the power that made the body heals the body. Congrats Vince!"

- Mindy Ivie

"Highly recommend. Vince and his staff are the best!"

- Melissa Davis

"Dr. Vince is a great chiropractor! He fixes my back every time I do something heroic."

- Harry Boardman

"I love Coventry Chiropractic! It's better than a day at the spa."

- Sue Driscoll Creidler

"I have been overly pleased with my experiance. I was in serious pain and the whole place seemed like they made time stop to help me and it's really hard to find someone so willing to help and not push you into their flow but take time to help their patients."

- Ben W.

"Their spa-like treatments really helped my back! I never felt better. Dr. Vince is a miracle worker! He also has very friendly and helpful staff!"

- Austin D.

"After an accident, I was having major neck and back pain. Coventry Chiropractic was suggested to me, and it changed my life! I no longer need to rely on muscle relaxers or pain medicine to get through the day! Dr. Vince really cares about his patients, that was so obvious from day one. I have seen many chiropractors over the years, but he is head and shoulders above the rest. I would recommend him to anyone that I cared about. His staff is friendly and helpful. Chiropractic in addition to trigger point therapy and physical therapy has really put my life back together. And I could not have done any of it without Coventry! I would give them 6 stars if it were possible!"

- Susan W.

"I have never been somewhere so focused on a person's long term health and such a willingness to make adjustments in their flow to help out."

- Ben Walsh

"Dr. Vince is very caring and knowledgeable about the body. He has really helped me whenever I go for an adjustment."


"Dr. Vince is great. Gets right to the issue and takes care of it. I've been to other chiropractors but none seem to get to the root of the problem like Vince."


"My name is Darla and I have been a patient of Dr. Gelezinsky for several years. His rapport and conduct have always been professional but this is so much more than a profession to him. He has always demonstrated that his career is his passion and that he sincerely cares about his patients over all being. I have suffered cervical bulging and herniation among other issues such as shoulder tears, thoracic, and lumbar problems. Every time I have called appointments they were always available in respectable timing. I had constant muscle spams that have caused me to develop scoliosis, and let me tell you, he diagnosed me with this 2 years prior to any other doctor has. He has offered a multitude of treatment that carried according to my individual needs. He has also taken the time to thoroughly review my MRI imaging and has made quite a remake impression that has stuck with me. Not only does he have the passion, but you will find he is also very gifted. His staff has always been very friendly and seemed very knowledgeable as to what they were doing. He has made my life more manageable while under his care. Amazing how much of a difference you feel before and after you leave. My magnitude of health problems and heading back out the office and off driving down the road was always a trip well worth taking. I have dealt with other chiropractors in the past who just walked in, did an alignment--if a full one at that--and walked back out. So wow, a whole minute! Excrutiating pain for about 3 to 7 weeks after visits with them. Well, obviously, I will not ever be going back to these doctors. There is so much more I would love to say, but for now I just want to say thank you to Dr. Gelezinsky. Rest assured you are in very good hands."

- Darla Hendricks

"Great office, I highly recommend it!"

- Frank Picciano

"Dr. Vince has been my chiropractor for years. He is an excellent chiropractor, extremely knowledgeable, takes his time with me, listens well and always answers my questions. I never feel rushed or hurried and believe he truly cares for his patients. I full recommend him with zero hesitation!"

- Heidi G.

Extremely friendly.

- Anonymous

"I felt great after my adjustment. With continued treatment, I am seeing a huge difference. They paid close attention to me and all of my questions were answered. His staff is so friendly and welcoming and make the whole experience that much better. I am so impressed with the progress I am making with Dr. Vince!"

- Nancy Plew

"I was happy with the services of Dr. Vince and his staff. I'll gladly recommend Dr. Vince to others. Thank you."

- Ponnusamy Palanisamy

"I highly recommend Dr. Vince G, you will not find the same services at other chiropractic offices. Vince gives you the time and attention, every visit. You will find that there is just no comparison to other chiropractors."

- Anonymous

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